MS Word References Tab

MS Word References Tab
MS Word References Tab

To insert reference elements into the document, this tab is used. These elements are table of contents, Endnote, Footnote, Bibliography, Caption etc. Below are the description of the groups and buttons on the ribbon for reference tab.

MS Word References Tab

Table of Contents

Click this button to add a table of contents to a document. Click the drop down arrow to view a list of three different types of tables available. The automatic tables use the Heading 1 to 3 styles to create a table of content. To view more additional options for creating a Table of Contents use the Custom Table of Contents link.

Add Text

To use the current heading in the table of contents, click this button.

Update Table
This button can be clicked to update entire table of contents or page numbers.

Insert Footnote

To create a footnote within a document, click this button. A footnote will appear at the end of the page.

MS Word References Tab

Insert Endnote

Click this button to insert an endnote into the word document. By clicking this option endnotes usually appear at the end of a document.

Next Footnote

If more than one footnote are there in a document this button is used to move through the footnote in the document one by one. Click the down arrow to move to the previous footnote, next footnote or endnote.

Show Notes

This button can be used to scroll through a document to find location of the footnotes and endnotes.

Footnote & Endnote Dialog Box Launcher

Click this button to launch the Footnote and Endnote dialog box within a word document. It is located in the lower right corner of the Footnotes Group in MS Word 2016.

Insert Citation

This button is used to cite a journal article, book, or any other article as a source for information used in a word document. The citation can be typed into the word document or can be created from selected text. The citation will be formatted using selected style.

Manage Sources

List of all the citations in the document can be viewed with the help of this button.


With this button users can select the style for the citation. Various styles can be choosed from the list such as APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabian.


Bibliography is a list of all the sources that can be inserted into a word document by clicking this button.

Insert Caption

To insert a caption for a picture or any other images, shapes, or a table, click this button. The Caption Dialog Box will appear after clicking this button and various options can be viewed for creating the caption.

MS Word References Tab

Insert Table of Figures

To insert a table refer to a list of all the figures in the document, click this button. The Table of Figures Dialog Box will display and criteria for the table can be specified with the help of this button available in the Reference tab ribbon.

Update Table

To update the table of figures so that all the figures are included in the list, this button can be used.


This button can be used to insert a cross-reference to headings, figures, or a table within a word document. Cross-references are inserted as hyperlinks by default in MS Word.

Mark Entry

Click Mark entry button to mark an entry for the selected text and It will appear in the index for the word document.

Insert Index

Click this button to insert the index into a word document. The index refer to the list of keywords within a document. The page numbers can be inserted along with the keywords.

Update Index

Click this button to update the index so that the page numbers for each entry are accurate.

Mark Citation

This button is used to add the selected text as an entry in the table of authorities in MS Word document.

MS Word References Tab

Insert Table of Authorities

A table of authorities includes the list including the cases, statutes, and other authorities cited in a document. Use this button to insert the table of authorities.

Update Table

Click this button to update the table of authorities with given options so that the entries and page numbers are all included.

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