MS Word Insert Tab

ms word insert tab
MS Word Insert Tab

The Insert Tab plays a very important role that increase the value of MS Word application for its users. Insert tab is used to insert many valuable features like pictures, tables, clip art, shapes, charts, page numbers, headers, and footers, word art, hyperlinks, comments, equations etc. into a word document. Every feature of Insert Tab is described below

Cover Page

This button is used to insert a pre-designed cover page for a document. The sample information that is given on the page can be edited as per need.

Blank Page
This button can be used to insert new blank page in a document at the cursor position.

MS Word Insert Tab

Page Break

To start a new page at the current position of cursor, click this button


Table button is used to insert a table into the document as required by the user. A grid of text boxes will appear that can be used to fill data in a table. Additional options for creating and formatting table like draw table or using the Quick Tables feature are also available.


To insert a picture from a file on the computer into the document, this button can be used. The Insert Picture dialog box will appear, picture can be inserted by using browse button. Select the picture that is to be inserted into the document. Other options such as crop picture, picture color, and text wrapping are also available with selected picture in the document.

Online Pictures

This button is used to find and insert pictures in the document from online sources. This is possible only if the internet connectivity is available with the computer system.

ms word insert tab


Many shapes like circles, arrows, squares, and triangles can be inserted into a document using this button. When the drop down arrow under this button is clicked, a gallery of different shapes will appear. User can click the desired shape and draw the same in the document.

Smart Art

Click this button to insert a Smart Art into the document. Smart Art refers to the graphics and objects such as diagrams and organizational charts. A gallery of different processes, charts, lists and shapes will be displayed when this button is clicked.


To insert a bar chart, area chart, pie chart and line chart, use this button. When this button is clicked the Insert Chart dialog box will appear. In this dialog box various chart types are given. User can select any of them as per requirements.


This feature can is available in Microsoft word to insert a picture of any window that is available on the desktop screen. Click this button and a gallery of the available windows will appear. Click any of the window icons to make screenshot into the Word document.

My Add-ins

This feature helps to insert any App into a document that use the Web/internet to complete the work. Download the apps from the Office Store before inserting them into the word document.


This feature is used to open Wikipedia from MS Office. This feature will simplify the process of inserting and referencing text and images into the document.

ms word insert tab

Online Video

This feature can be used to insert videos from a carious sources. Three options are available with this button which are YouTube, Bing Video Search, and Video Embed Code.


To link items such as a Web page, another document, and e-mail address, this button is used. Other different areas of a document can also be linked using headings and bookmarks. When the button is clicked, the Hyperlink dialog box will appear. This is where the link can be inserted and specified.


A bookmark is used to assign a name to a specific area within a word document and hyperlink can be created to that bookmark. This button is used to create bookmark.


This button is used to refer to another area in a word document like headings, bookmarks, footnotes figures, and tables etc. A hyperlink is created to these areas in the document for creating cross reference. Whenever a hyperlink which is created using cross-reference is clicked, it will take the user to the area that it belongs to.


Comment option in MS word is used to insert a comment about any part of a document. To add comment to a part in the document, select that part and click insert comment button under insert tab.


Insert text heading means insert any text that appears at the top of every page of the document. Click the drop down arrow and a gallery of header styles and formats will appear. Select heading style that is to be applied and inserted into the document.


To insert any text that appears at the bottom of every page of the word document, click this button and a gallery of footer styles and formats will appear. Select the footer style that is to be inserted into the document.

Page Number

This button is used to insert a page number into the word document. When this button is clicked a list of page number locations will appear. Select the location of Page Number to be inserted into the document. Page number can also be inserted into the Header or Footer area of the document.

Text Box

Text boxes are used to insert text within box in a document. Click this button to view a number of different types and locations of text boxes. To draw a text box around selected text, select the text and click the Draw Text box button.

Quick Parts

This button is used to insert preformatted text, document properties, auto-text, and fields into the document. It also help to create customized Quick Parts to use later at any time in a word documents. A range of different types of Quick Parts are available.

ms word insert tab

Word Art

Decorative text can be inserted into the document by using this feature of MS Word. A gallery of different styles of Word Art can be displayed with this option. Select the format accordingly to create a decorative Word Art image. It can be applied to selected text in a document.

Drop Cap

Drop caps option is available in MS Word and is used to create a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph. Three options (None, Dropped and in margin) for Drop Caps are available under this button that can be applied by selecting first letter of a paragraph.

Add a Signature Line

This option is available and is used to insert a digital signature line into a document that indicates who must sign the document. It must need a Digital ID to be obtained before this feature using this feature in MS word.

Date and Time

Date and time can be inserted into a document by using this button. Different date and time formats can be inserted into the document. Date and time can be inserted anywhere in a document where ever the cursor is positioned.


Any object can be inserted using this button in a document such as an Excel Worksheet, bitmap image designed using MS Paint, graphs, Excel Chart and power point slides etc. It is used to insert another document and to create new objects.


If user want to write some mathematical equations into a document, this feature in MS word is available. When this button is clicked, a space for inserting equation will appear on the page and the equation tools ribbon will appear. This ribbon is contains a large variety of options which are used to write any type of mathematical equation. Some pre-designed common equations are also available on the ribbon.


Symbols are not available on the keyboard and can be inserted into a document easily by using this feature. A wide range of symbols can be displayed and inserted using this button such as ©, β, ℗, ± and many more.

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