MS Word Design Tab

MS Word Design Tab
MS Word Design Tab

This tab can be used to change the design of a Word document. The options available in this tab are used to change document theme and font styles for the whole document. Page Border, Page color and Watermark can be applied to the document. The description of each option is given below which are available with design tab.

MS Word Design Tab

Themes Gallery

Themes gallery button is used to change the overall design of the document which includes color theme, fonts and effects. A gallery of different types of themes will be displayed after clicking this button.

Style Set Gallery

The Style Set Gallery can change the look of a document quickly. Font and paragraph properties of the whole document can also be changed using this feature of MS Word.


This button is used to change the colors for selected theme. A list of different theme colors can be viewed and applied in the document. User can select one of the color palettes and change the colors for the document.


To change the font for the whole document, click this button. A drop down list of different fonts will display. Select the font type to apply to the text in a document.

Ms Word Design Tab

Paragraph Spacing

This feature is used to change the paragraph and line spacing for a document. User can select from the given values in the list they can set spacing accordingly with custom paragraph spacing option.


Use this button to change the look of objects in a document. A number of different theme effects will appear by clicking this button. Select any of them to apply to the objects in a document.

Set as Default

To save the changes made to the document, this option can be used by the user so that when any new blank document is created the document will look like the options specified.


Use this button to insert any image or text in the background of a word document. A gallery of different watermarks will appear when this button is clicked. The watermark can be customized using custom watermark option available with this feature.

MS Word Design Tab

Page Color

If you want to apply a background color to a document, click this option. Mouse pointer can be moved over each color to see a live preview of the each color before selecting the final color. Additional colors can be viewed by clicking More Colors link. Click the Fill Effects link if you want to apply more color formatting to the page.

Page Borders

To apply a border around every page of a document or to a section. When user click this button, a dialog box for Borders and Shading will appear with the options of Page Border and shading options.

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