Month: August 2020

MS Word Layout Tab

MS Word Layout Tab

MS Word Layout Tab Layout tab is used to make changes in the layout of a page in a Word document like page orientation, page margins, page breaks, spacing, page size and page borders etc. A brief description of each of the features and buttons in the layout tab is given below. Margins To change …

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MS Word Design Tab

MS Word Design Tab

MS Word Design Tab This tab can be used to change the design of a Word document. The options available in this tab are used to change document theme and font styles for the whole document. Page Border, Page color and Watermark can be applied to the document. The description of each option is given …

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ms word insert tab

MS Word Insert Tab

MS Word Insert Tab The Insert Tab plays a very important role that increase the value of MS Word application for its users. Insert tab is used to insert many valuable features like pictures, tables, clip art, shapes, charts, page numbers, headers, and footers, word art, hyperlinks, comments, equations etc. into a word document. Every …

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ms word home tab

MS Word Home Tab

MS Word Home Tab Explained The Home Tab is used to perform many of the common formatting like cutting and pasting, changing fonts and sizes, Insert and delete text and images into documents, changing paragraph formats, applying styles, and editing text and images. Groups and buttons for this tab are described below. Paste (Short cut …

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input and output devices of computer

Input and Output Devices

Input and Output Devices Computers today are designed to accept input data and instructions, store it and process the data as per user’s instructions and produce the desired results. What is Input? Raw data and information collected by the user and entered into the computer with some instructions in terms of formatting and changes for …

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Types of Computer

Types of Computer

Types of Computer Types of computer can be classified as per internal structure, features and durability of computers and are categorized into two categories: 1. Purpose vise Computers2. Size vise Computers Purpose vise computers These computers are mainly focused on a particular purpose. There are three types of purpose vise computers 1. Analog Computers Data …

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Basics of Computer

Basics of Computer Computer is an electronic machine which takes data input and after processing it produce the desired output to its users. Computer is basically compared with human brain because of its design and data processing. It can store data in its memory which can be used instantly or after a long time in …

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